This is a procedure can fix problems with Windows XP Professional, Home or Windows Media Center.  If you are having a problem like the system will not boot and gives you a blue screen, or say's you have a missing or corrupt file - this procedure will allow you to run a quick check disk without going into the recovery console and doing a manual chkdsk /r and waiting for an hour or two for the system to close all the folders and check all the files. 

 The second thing this procedure will accomplish is create a dual boot by allowing you to create another operating system in the Windows1 folder without loosing any data.  All your Programs, Windows Drivers and Windows Updates will have to be reinstalled but your data will still be in the system to retrieve into your new load of Software.

1)  Boot with  XP CD

2)  To set up windows XP now, press enter

3)  F8 (accept agreement)

4)  To set up Windows XP on the selected item, press enter

5)  To continue setup using this partition press C

6)  Leave the current file system intact (no changes)

7)  To use a different folder, press Esc

8)  \windows1  enter

This will run a quick check disk and either tell you to reboot
or it will continue to load Windows in the Windows1 folder.
If it ask you to reboot and you still want to reload the operating system
in the windows1 folder you must start over from step 1.

I would highly recommend you let the system boot up without going through the setup because
if the check disk fixed your problem you don't have to reload all the programs, drivers and all
the Windows updates over again.

Note: The check disk will close all folders that might have been damaged by viruses or an
improper shutdown.

Please be aware that during the new load it will ask you for a user name and you should skip it instead of putting in a new user name.  You will also need the Product ID (COA) number to do this.  You can obtain it by looking on the case for the sticker or running "Magic Jellybean" found on the internet by doing a google search if your system is still operating before you run this procedure..

Also you will have to remove the old Windows folder and modify the boot.ini to completely remove the first corrupt operating system.