If Internet Exployer 8 or 9 hangs up on you for
 no reason at all you might want to try this:

Turn off the Shockwave Flash player Add-on.

Go to the tools in internet explorer then - Add-ons

Disable the Add-on for the Adobe Flash Player.

This should make internet explorer work again.

But .... your not finished.  You must remove (uninstall) the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player from your system because it is corrupt from a virus or SOMETHING !   Then you must reinstall it.

To reinstall it - just go to comcast.net or msn.com and try to play a video.  It will come up with a message to install flash player.  Click on that "Get flash player" and that will reinstall the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player.  Close internet explorer and reopne it and everything should work for you. 

If you cannot play videos in internet explorer after reinstalling it - check to make sure the add-on is ENABLED.

You owe me a coffee if this works for you.