Don't bury or trash your old computer !
We can use the old parts and recycle everything in it.

We reclaim the Gold - Silver - Copper - Steel - Plastic and more.
We'll even BUY or give you credit towards Repairs
for some of your old Desktop - Tower & Laptops.
(hard drives will be wiped or recover your data on CD for you - FREE)

Most landfills or recycling dumps charge you $25 or more
and it goes into the ground - what a waste.

We will put your parts to good use and get more life out of them.
The older the better - with or without documentation - manuals
cords - speakers - keyboards - monitors, etc.

Make room in your basement or garage and bring them in.
We will even pick up your old computers or electronics.
Give us a call today or just come in
12:00 - 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday